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Using OxyContin to Cope With a Loved One’s Illness

OxyContin is a prescription drug that is used to treat severe pain. The symptoms are simply alleviated by the drug, but very rarely are they actually being treated. As a result, OxyContin has become a very common addiction among those suffering from chronic pain. Doctors prescribe OxyContin as a sort of quick fix that allows their patients to forget their crippling pain and move on with their day-to-day lives.

Typically speaking, an OxyContin addiction happens when a prescription user becomes increasingly more tolerant and dependent on the drug. Perhaps less common, but still an issue, is when a family member discovers the drug and begins to use it themselves.

Addiction to Someone Else’s Prescription

Why does this happen? When a loved one is using a prescription medication, it is often readily available for another resident of the home to try it out for themselves. If the prescription is for a rather large amount, a few missing pills might not be noticed. After a few uses, the desire to return to the drug might increase in strength. OxyContin, after all, is known for its extreme ability to deaden pain.

A person might want to deaden the emotional pain of watching their loved one suffer. Being on a more extreme prescription drug, seeing an illness that requires such a drug first hand might be difficult for a family member. In many cases, deadening feeling might seem like a legitimate escape.

Or, as is probably more likely, many people, especially teenagers, might enjoy recreational use of OxyContin, which can produce a potent, but dangerous, high when combined with other drugs and alcohol.

Regardless of the how’s and why’s, the escalation of use as tolerance and dependence builds can be the same. In the case of using someone else’s prescription, it could perhaps be even more likely that the addict would turn to illegal methods to obtain the drug, such as using street dealers or online pharmacies.

When a loved one is dealing with an illness, the last thing they need is a family member also struggling with an addiction, no matter how the drug is ultimately obtained. The family must support their own, and a substance abuse situation greatly impairs one’s ability to do this. If an addiction begins to develop, prompt medical attention is necessary.

How We Can Help

Long-term effects of using OxyContin can include:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Seizures
  • A slowed heart rate
  • Concerning behavioral changes
  • Bladder and bowel issues
  • Loss of balance and coordination

Clearly, these are not the type of problems a person wishing to live a long and healthy life wants to deal with, and if you are currently struggling with an OxyContin addiction, the problem must be dealt with promptly to prevent these issues from occurring. If you or someone you love in suffering from OxyContin abuse, we are here to help you. Call our toll-free number where our counselors are standing by 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.